What We Stand For

At Inck, we strive to put people first - not just our clients but also our suppliers. We are committed to ensuring our products are produced in responsibly with complete transparency every step of the way. 

We work to the the most stringent procedures in the industry. Over the years, our testing and inspections have gained complexity and precision as we have incorporated the safety, compliance and ethical guidelines of our clients whilst also refining their own. 

Put simply, we set out to deliver great merchandise that our team and clients can feel good about. 

CSR, Safety & Compliance

We believe that trust, transparency and the responsibility should outline all of our processes and procedures. We strongly adhere to 4 core values: we value fair wages, we protect the rights of children against child labour, we are environmentally responsible and we are rigorous with our product safety.  


Our Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility 

At Inck, in accordance with our values, we do not do business with companies or individuals (including suppliers) who do not share our core values. As part of this stated commitment, we are members of SEDEX, which means that the factories we work with protect against child labour, promote fair wages and are otherwise ethically compliant.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Process)

Even though Inck is an agent, we design, manufacture and import products. As such, and depending on the type of products we are producing, we work to the highest possible standards for good manufacturing process. A basic tenet of GMP is that quality must be built into each batch of items/products during all stages of the manufacturing process. On the ground, this means that we work behind the scenes to make sure that our toys and anything to do with food are manufactured to the highest possible standards. 

Product Safety

We have extensive knowledge of toy safety and food contact safety, and our procedures in place ensure inspections at every stage of production, so that all items are safe in the hands of children, pose no electrical dangers, and are inspected to ensure no contamination of food items. Equally, items meant to come into contact with food are compliant with food safety guidelines. 

Other Polices We Adhere To

When clients choose us as their preferred supplier, we absolutely work to their standards in CSR and Safety & Compliance, which means that our responsibilities in this area are quite comprehensive, meeting a range of policy requirements beyond our own stringent requirements. 


Through our strict following of ethically-approved manufacturing and quality controls, Inck merchandise is proudly backed by leading industry suppliers: SGS, SEDEX, BUREAU VERITAS and ISO.