- Managing Director

Born with the desire to follow his ancestors to the land down under, Adrian began learning the art of sailing while moonlighting as an ad man at DBB. 25 years after completing the voyage from London to Australia via the Caribbean, he was introduced to the branded merchandise business with a start-up at Lion Nathan. In 2006, Adrian fulfilled his passion to become a business leader and has never looked back. He’s our Managing Director and all round head honcho.

Apart from being on the board of the national industry body APPA, Adrian is also the MD of his three young children, clocking over 10,000 steps a day preparing lunches and kicking soccer balls. He does this all while dreaming that, one day, his golf handicap will be below 118.

Since arriving in Australia, Adrian has made 40,605 dad jokes, 59 triple bogeys and 26 trips to China. He's also an extremely proud Aussie Pom, and given his love for the Wallabies, he isn't going anywhere.


Fay - Production Manager

Aside from being the youngest member of our team, Fay has gained the impressive title of being Shanghai’s most valuable export. She’s our young gun production manager who isn’t afraid to negotiate with even the most challenging suppliers.

Since arriving in Australia, Fay has mastered her skills in both Chinese and English versions of all the karaoke classics. She’s a bilingual bandit with a degree in not only WeChat but also in production and logistics management. 

Fay is a woman of many talents: if she isn't snowboarding or dancing, you’ll find her coordinating the perfect Melbourne Cup outfit. She even has several food blogs dedicated to the envy-inducing lunches she brings from home.


Jaala - Business Operations Manager

We are unsure of what we’re more afraid of: JaaIa’s skill in the art of sword-wielding or the red pen she keeps in her scabbard. She’s our operations manager and, given the opportunity, could even organise a Jackson Pollock painting into an array of perfectly ordered, painted lines.

As our resident “Yes” woman, JaaIa has learned the word in all of the world’s 6,500 languages. With her passion for walking matched only by her eagle eye for detail, she has become a better navigator than Google Maps and any GPS combined.

When she’s not meticulously keeping everyone in line, she dreams about the time she traded Piña Coladas for permanent markers by cancelling a Balinese holiday to attend an Officeworks convention (we can’t believe anyone would do that either).

Paul - Account Manager

If Paul isn’t charming our clients with his unmatched charisma, he’s winning them over with his perfectly replicated In-N-Out burgers. He’s our wunderkind account manager who’s also so experienced, you’d swear he invented the handshake.

Paul’s passion for branded merchandise started when he first developed a one-of-a-kind GWP for a client that went on to win awards within the promotional industry. Creation and product development is now his main drive and loves every opportunity he gets to help create something out of nothing.

From being raised in the lecture hall at UTS to achieving stellar results in his business marketing degree, Paul was born and bred for the industry. He’s a manager of everything from the players in his NRL fantasy league to his catalogued library of manufacturers.


Hsiu- Buying and Sourcing Manager

Hsiu (pronounced Sil) is our buying and sourcing extraordinaire. Apart from having a Sherlock Holmes-esque talent for finding the best merchandise, she’s also the loudest and shortest person we’ve ever worked with.

Since graduating with a PhD (in “Haggling”) from her parents' variety store, Hsiu has won every in-house Neat Award and through her inability to frown, has gained the nickname “Little Miss Positive”. After creating a 50-page spreadsheet whilst planning her wedding, Hsiu has also become our go-to wedding expert.

With sourcing and buying being in Hsiu's DNA, we can only imagine it will be passed on to her daughter, Chloe. Hsiu is hoping that Chloe can one day return the favour and teach her how to successfully interact with Siri.


Creative Team

Our designers: they’re what you’d get if you combined Rhodes scholars with the A-Team. Armed with a Mac and a Creative Cloud subscription, they can turn any scribble into a Louvre-worthy masterpiece.

Though the origins of all members are unknown, they’ve been specially handpicked from a myriad of creative agencies. Each job requires a different mix of creative, so we assign the right mix to keep our clients’ costs to a minimum.

With the combination of our team and our designers, we thrive on meeting not only the tightest deadlines, but also our clients’ highest expectations.