7 very cool promotional merchandise ideas

We love showing examples of our own work but sometimes we need to take our hats off to great examples of promotional merchandise we see out there.

Here are 7 examples of promotional products that are innovative and have been executed brilliantly. We’d love to claim them as our own ideas but I guess we can’t be the only good promotional product company in the world!

Corporate promotional merchandise can often be uninspiring and a quickly executed order dictated by price. We like these ideas because they are clearly the result of some extra effort and partnership with the client and supplier. With a little extra thought and time put into thinking about how the branded merchandise could truly engage and deliver the message powerfully, these really hit the spot.

Here’s our top 7:

#1: 3M Solar Earplug Volume-Down Packaging

3M: The 3M Volume-Down Packaging

What better way to turn the purpose of the earplugs into a swanky promotional packaging design, enabling end users to immediately determine the product and effectiveness. The clever cap is the spitting image of a volume knob found on a stereo, when opening the cap, is to be turned in the direction of turning down the volume.

#2: IAMS Barbell Frisbees

Image result for iams barbell frisbees

A comical and clever way to convey IAMS brand promise of providing superior nutrition to dogs which in turn, will result in strong and healthy pets. 10kg barbell ‘lookalike’ Frisbees were distributed in areas of local parks to reinforce their companies values, as well as hope to generate new customers!

#3: Colgate – DON’T FORGET

Colgate giving out sweets…how messed up is this? well, as a matter of fact, this was used as a promotional stint in order to remind consumers that brushing their teeth is vital. I bet you’re wondering how this worked? Well, Colgate left all users a hidden promotional message on the toothbrush shaped stick reading ‘don’t forget’, next to the Colgate logo.

#4: Pantogar Revitaliser Memo Pad

Is your hair getting thinner? Pantogar’s memo pad is an innovative promotional product that can be seen as a ‘quick note’ to remind those that gradual hair loss is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

#5: Yoga Centre Flexi Straw

To generate brand awareness, Yoga Centre developed a low-cost, yet creative way to market their business by printing a yogi on the flexible stems of straws, which were then distributed in juice bars frequently visited by the target audience. We know that straws are a no-no these days but it was a great idea!

#6: Skin Cancer Organisation Coffin Towel

Image result for skin cancer coffin towel

300 ‘shock value’ promotional coffin-style black towels were handed out on Dubai beaches in order to raise awareness about skin cancer, and the damaging effects it can have on people.

#7: Alzheimer’s New Zealand USB Eraser

Ink eraser, doubling up as a USB stick, was handed out by Alzheimer’s NZ in attempt to raise awareness of the importance of our memories, and the difficulties that those living with the disease and family around them experience.

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