Add oomph to your organisation with a company store

Want better engagement and a new revenue stream? Amplify your brand by integrating a company merch store full of must-have branded products.

Who said you’re not a retail brand??

With a company store, any business has the potential to create a revenue stream and build an army of brand ambassadors.

Let’s take a look at why creating a physical embodiment of your brand’s identity is a great strategy, and the different approaches you can take.


Every business needs branded merchandise

First things first, why create branded merchandise that’s unique to your company?

In short, by offering products that are unique to your brand, you can attract more attention and pitch yourself at a level above your competitors. Custom merchandise allows for a creative representation of your company’s logo, slogans, and colour schemes, which helps to establish a stronger brand presence. When your staff and customers use or wear branded items, they become ambassadors, spreading awareness through their personal networks.

Your merch can reflect your ‘vibe’… a premium brand can share engraved stemware, or a sporty brand can release a series of branded hoodies.

Having a corporate store that you use to distribute your merch gives you a way to get your products out there without the need to go through a big brand activation exercise or hand everything out in person. There are a number of ways to leverage this store and you can decide who gets access, depending on your business strategy.


Who is a company store for?

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You can have an internal company store that is exclusive to your own team and makes them feel that bit more special when they get their hands on things. Making items available on a restricted or limited basis can elevate them to a more covetable status. For example, staff at former tech giant Yahoo! were rewarded with a brightly coloured gumball machine once they reached five years with the business. Having one of these on their desks was an instant indicator of status.

Milestones when the company stoor doors are ‘flung open’ can be onboarding, anniversaries, birthdays or team achievements. Gifts from the company store can be released at Christmas or to celebrate a turning point in the business’s journey. You can also offer gift vouchers as a reward for top performers (just make sure there is plenty of cool branded merch to choose from… hint… people LOVE electronics and chargers).


Expand to include customers

Branded merchandise in your company store doesn’t have to be reserved for your staff. Make your branded collection available for customers and give them the opportunity to ‘earn’ money to spend by interacting with your business or signing up for your services.

There are so many creative ways to entice people to your virtual shopfront and doing so will enhance ‘stickiness’ for your brand while giving you more distribution options.


Increasing revenue streams with a company merch store

If your collection is beautifully curated and includes must-have items, you can sell branded merchandise as a strategy to increase your revenue. Offer strategically selected products on limited release and you can look forward to them selling out.

Your company store can also be a way to test the market. Try a few things out and see what’s popular, then you can leverage the data you collect and share the ‘winning’ items with a wider audience.

Google has a company store… why can’t you??


Skip the on-site storage

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In the past, sharing branded merchandise meant ordering in bulk and stuffing cupboards or storerooms with excess items, often resulting in HR overflowing with branded gear.

An online company store brings order to your in-house merch, avoiding random clutter. Many customers manage inventory in-house to cut costs and add convenience. With the right setup, you can easily handle bulk orders and keep items on demand, making it simpler to manage inventory and ensure you have the right amount of popular items without overstocking.


How much does a company store cost?

Setting up a company merch store doesn’t have to break the bank. While the exact cost can vary depending on the scope and scale of the store, it’s a manageable investment for most businesses. At Inck, we offer flexible solutions tailored to different budgets and needs, ensuring that you get a company merch store that provides excellent value without exorbitant costs. And you only pay for the merch as we provide free company shops as part of the service!


Ready for a company store?

If you have a team and customers, and you want your brand to get noticed, creating a company store strategy and curating a collection of coveted merchandise makes sense. You can choose how to use your store, making it staff-only or opening it to customers so they can get their hands on your branded items on demand.

While a company store can work for almost any business, you still need a carefully chosen collection with quality items that reflect your brand. Speak to the team at Inck – we can help you get started.


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