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Branded Merchandise Specialists
Quality, Safety and Compliance

Inck is committed to applying the highest standards of safety for all our branded merchandise. Safety is an intrinsic part of our products’ quality and value. We keep regularly updated with product safety laws and regulations, noting any tests required to meet Australian standards.

Factory selection process can be very high risk. Prior to placing any order it is recommended that we conduct a factory or supplier audit.  These audits provide you with a detailed analysis of the condition, strengths and weaknesses of the supplier. We provide a range of audit services as listed below:

Manufacturer & Supplier Audits
Social Compliance Audits
Factory Production Control
Environmental Audits
Building Safety & Structural Audits
C-TPAT Audits


We conduct a DUPRO (during production) and FRI (final random inspection) based on AQL standards on 100% of our orders. Our inspection criteria is based on our procurement team’s years of experience and current regulations, helping you ensure that your branded merchandise meets all quality, safety, and compliance standards, and upholds the reputation of your brand. Where applicable we conduct independent product testing through our partners SGS and Bureau Veritas.

Due to the broad scope of available branded merchandise, different product tests apply.


We offer lab testing and certification in a number of product categories which include hardlines, softlines, promotional items, toys. textiles, food contact and more. Lab tests include:

  • Physical/Mechanical testing
  • Chemical testing for lead, heavy metals and phthalates
  • Flammability testing (wearing apparel & hardlines)
  • Indirect food additives/food simulating solvent extractives
  • Reliability, comparative, and destructive testing
  • Phthalates Testing
  • AS/NZ 8124 Toys Testing
  • Performance evaluations
  • Component and raw materials testing
  • Toxicological Risk Assessments (TRA) and LHAMA Evaluations
  • Packaging and labeling evaluations
  • Regulatory testing, including CPSIA, REACH, RoHS, ASTM, FDA, and more.