Shipping, Freight & Delivery

Our logistics partner of over 10 years are experts in their field. We work seamlessly alongside them, delivering shipments worldwide. For a full-service order, we take on 100% responsibility from origin to destination, which includes booking vessels, container loading/unloading, clearance of goods and customs duties and taxes.    

We can provide a range of shipping and logistics options and expertise in these areas:

AIR – Air
CFR – Cost & Freight
CIF – Cost, Insurance & Freight
DAP – Delivered At Place
DDP – Delivered Duty Paid
EXW – Ex-Works
FCA – Free Carrier
FOB – Free On Board

Kitting & Fulfillment

We partner with a reputable 3PL logistics company and offer excellent warehousing, kitting and fulfilment services. This allows us to handle everything from basic stock fulfilment to elaborate customer-activation services in Australia or China.  

  • Secure Warehousing across Australia and in major China cities
  • Stock Management
  • Pick and Pack
  • Kit assembling and rework
  • Transport and Distribution (national, international)
  • Inventory Management
  • Bulk Container Unpack Services
  • Palletisation, special pallet rack configuration, block-stacking, specialised handling, shrink wrapping or other required processing
  • Customs Clearance and Reporting
Custom Merchandise Designing

Shipping Process

There are over 10 stages involved in the Shipping Process (example via Hong Kong):

  1. Shipping department at factory declares cargo is ready
  2. China customs broker arranges clearance and inspection
  3. China Customs allows export (based on licenses held by factory)
  4. Trucking company picks up cargo and carries to HK border
  5. Customs cleared for export into HK
  6. Export clearance of HK and booking with airline / shipping line
  7. Confidential Inck Merchandise Pty Ltd 2012
  8. Sea or Air Shipment
  9. Arrival at destination port / airport
  10. Australia/NZ Customs clearance
  11. Local trucking company pick up cargo at port / airport
  12. Client warehouse delivery booking made with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to delivery of goods into customer warehouse and delivery time confirmed
  13. Daily Shipping Report used to track all shipments and deliveries