The awesome power of nostalgia in marketing

Sometimes, being forward-thinking means taking a look back and revisiting the biggest products and moments of yesteryear.

Nostalgia-themed marketing works! It taps into the sentimental value of past experiences and evokes the warm fuzziness of ‘good old days’ memories.

At Inck, we love exploring the way nostalgic merchandise can be used to draw a crowd.

Feel-good fun: Why nostalgia works

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Ah the past… when life was simple and everything felt easy. As time passes, we tend to look at days gone by through rose-coloured glasses. We remember the good times, not the hours spent waiting for internet pages to download or the fact that we had to fish around for coins to catch the bus!

Because the past equals good memories for so many people, it can be a potent marketing tool. Here’s more of a breakdown of why consumers can’t get enough of vintage and retrospective-themed goodies:

  1. Emotional connection: Nostalgia has been found to jump-start mood and self-esteem, and make people feel like they are part of things (even if you don’t remember the days of Beatlemania yourself, you can at least enjoy celebrating the period in time with other people).  In advertising, nostalgia creates a much faster emotional connection with your brand because the groundwork is already laid. Adidas nailed this recently by using an old song to appeal to Euro Cup audiences.
  2. Positive associations: When people recall the good times, they tend to transfer those feelings to the present context. Think about eating popcorn at the movies or going to the airport for the first time when you were a kid. Your brand can ‘piggy back’ on these experiences and trigger those good vibes.
  3. Engagement and loyalty: Nostalgic advertising can lead to higher engagement rates. People are more likely to share and discuss promotional products that remind them of a shared past. If you can find a way to bring a popular childhood gadget or toy back to life in a new form, this can give you a big win. The idea is to have your customers saying to people, “Look what I got!”

How to tap into nostalgia with your merch

In the digital age, where consumers are bombarded with endless streams of content, nostalgic advertising stands out by offering a reprieve from having to figure out something new. It cuts through the noise by appealing to core emotions and personal history.

When we work with clients to come up with an idea that incorporates a blast from the past, we chat about the following:

  1. Retro themes and visuals: If your company has old logos or graphics that people still remember, you can revive them in a product line. Incorporating retro designs, fonts and imagery can instantly transport your customers back to a different time and remind them that your brand has grown and evolved like they have.Retro visuals can have a fantastic look and be so appealing. Release a limited edition merch collection and people will rush to get their hands on something special.
  2. Reviving classic products: Bringing back discontinued or ‘classic’ versions of products can trigger those positive feelings. The good thing about a revitalised version is that you can up the ante by using more eco-friendly materials (ask us how).
  3. Music, fashion and pop culture references: Even a new brand can leverage nostalgia. Using references from specific eras when you create promotional merch can enhance the nostalgic impact of an advertisement.The 90s are ‘so hot’ right now because they appeal to Gen X and their kids, who are ‘Zoomers’ and Gen Alpha (the tech-savvy age group who are under 15 and can build a website but have never hand-addressed an envelope). There is a massive list of items you have probably forgotten all about from this period in time that can be put to great use to delight your audience.

Explore your options for nostalgic promo merch

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At Inck, we love exploring the different ways we can incorporate themes from the past into promotional merchandise.

Talk to us about customised merchandise including retro-style apparel, vintage-inspired accessories or classic-look memorabilia that can be used as part of a brand activation, event or giveaway. Before we get started, we’ll ask about your audience, targets and budget so we can recommend a product, design a unique item or revive a ‘relic’ from days gone by to make sure you stand out and get noticed.

From initial brainstorming to final production, we offer the full suite of services to bring your nostalgia-filled vision to life. 

Say yes(teryear) to some fresh nostalgic merch ideas. Ready to get started? Speak to the team at Inck today


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