The Inck difference

Our experienced team and best in class suppliers guarantee a seamless experience.

We make it


Whatever it is you need, the team at Inck can take care of it. Our team has the specialist experience that allows us to work with factories directly and manage the cross-border, multi-currency, multi-lingual transactions of your order responsibly. At Inck, we manage every transaction and take full responsibility thereby mitigating any risk to your brand and reputation. And our ‘no surprises’ pricing means literally just that.

We make it


When you partner with Inck, your brand’s reputation becomes as important as our own. With an award-winning creative team and all products sourced from ISO 9001 certified suppliers, we strive to not only offer quality products, but also impeccable service, exacting detail and a level of professionalism worthy of your trust.

We make it


The highest standards of safety is woven into the DNA of everything we do. Working closely across the supply chain allows us to maintain full transparency, ensure safer working conditions and mitigate any risk to your reputation or brand. We are not interested in short cuts. From consulting experts on mandatory and complex safety standards here in Australia to checking ethical and environmental standards are being upheld, we have developed an incredible team that allows us to take responsibility for quality assurance, every step of the way.

We make it


By making every effort to understand the sustainability journey of your product, we offer ethically produced merchandise from quality-controlled suppliers that meet your needs, without jeopardising the needs of future generations. Talk to us about how we can create eco-friendly branded merchandise for your business.

We make it


With over 15 years’ experience, working with some of the world’s leading brands (Nestle, Uncle Tobys, Cricket Australia), when it comes to delivering on our promises, we don’t mess around. We are open, honest, transparent and fair. We don’t just promise it. We guarantee it.

No lemons here.

Only a zest for life and quality merchandise.

How Inck works

Here’s what to expect when you have Inck on your team.

The first part of the process starts with you, and understanding your objectives from a brand and customer perspective. From there, our team put our thinking caps on and explore concepts and merchandise options. We then liaise with our partners, either locally or overseas, before providing you with a range of options and costings.

Once you are happy with the completed brief, our design team get to work. The design stage incorporates the highest quality assurance and all relevant safety measures required under Australian (and International) law. Before we hit ‘go’ on your order, we’ll share picture-perfect prototypes so you know what your customers are getting.

During development, we leverage our trusted relationships with our local and overseas suppliers/ factories to ensure your product is made to exact specifications. We have a team on the ground to ensure everything runs smoothly and make endless phone calls to track each stage of the production process.

Our operations team is obsessed with getting your order to you on time. We take care of all the freight, warehousing and delivery side of the process, ensuring your products arrive promptly.

No Hassle.
No Uncertainty.

Our values

Reasons we get up in
the morning and are
excited to get to work!



When you partner with Inck, your brand’s reputation becomes as important as our own. We strive to not only offer quality products, but also impeccable service, exacting detail and a level of professionalism worthy of your trust.



The strength of our team lies in not only our combined experience and expertise but our ability to trust and support each other. We genuinely enjoy working together and value fun and humour as much as hard work and efficiency.



We come to work each day with our sleeves rolled up, committed to constantly finding better, faster, easier and more efficient ways of doing things.



We pride ourselves on being a team that you can trust and that stems from delivering on one’s promises. We don’t just say we will do it, we offer a bona fide guarantee.



Honestly, we love what we do. We are passionate about the products we supply, we are dedicated to giving an above-and-beyond customer experience and we are not afraid to be continually learning, innovating and improving.



Integrity is the foundation on which trusted relationships are built. We believe in consistently doing what is moral, just and fair, not just because it might be expected of us, but because it’s the right thing to do.



Fostering creativity is paramount because that is where the magic happens. Where great ideas transpire, where problems are solved and where memorable merchandise is made. Life is (way) too short for boring giveaways.

Create the perfect product

Our creative team can help design a bespoke product that perfectly matches your brief.