Ethical Sourcing

We are committed to making branded
merchandise responsibly.

Ethical Branded Merchandise


From design to delivery, our commitment to applying the highest standards of safety is woven into the DNA of everything we do. We are not interested in short cuts. We believe our responsibility extends beyond the mandatory testing, risk assessments and quality procedures expected. Working closely across the supply chain allows us to maintain full transparency, ensure safer working conditions and mitigate any risk to your reputation or brand.

Ethical Branded Merchandise


Treating people fairly is critically important to the team at Inck. We believe it is our social responsibility to ensure respect amongst our team, fair labour conditions in our supply chain and responsible business practices with our customers. As a National Board Member for APPA, Adrian Davidson (our MD) is passionate about empowering our industry and promoting active involvement in supply chain risk management.

Ethical Branded Merchandise


Whilst the promotional products industry might not have the best credentials in terms of reducing waste, we are genuinely invested in reducing our footprint. We make every effort to understand the sustainability journey from design to delivery and we expect our suppliers to share our commitment to a clean and safe environment. At Inck, our commitment to sustainability is about finding a way we can fulfil our needs, without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.

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