Delivering peace of mind for our customers

As a leading provider of branded merchandise across Australian and international markets, we’re proud to offer guaranteed peace of mind. This includes:

  • Goods delivered on time, or your money back (we’ll even air-freight if we have to, at no extra charge)
  • No price changes after your initial quote (you can forget about bill shock)
  • Superior product quality and safety (to Australian standards)
  • Ethically produced merchandise from quality-controlled suppliers
  • Personal service with a smile (we love our customers!)
Ethical Branded Merchandise

How it works

If you believe we have failed to deliver on any of our promises (subject to Terms and Conditions), simply specify your complaint in writing.

We’ll take a look at what has gone wrong and after reviewing your order, our commitment to you and the service you received we will happily supply a full refund on your ordering costs.

It's a pretty massive guarantee...

A full refund if things go haywire is a HUGE commitment.

But we’re serious about providing five-star service and we have been doing it for years.

So we’re pretty sure you’ll walk away happy.

Why not contact us today to put our promise to the test?