Can promo merch be TOO successful?

While the idea of creating branded merchandise that is in huge demand might sound ideal, some promotional campaigns have backfired for being TOO successful.

Let’s look at a few examples where companies’ promo merch got a bigger bang for their buck than expected and why….

Result? The company decided to prioritize their reputation and focus on their core product offering – ☕

  • Too Collectable – Beanie Babies were small plush toys that were popular in the 1990s. They were given out as promotional items at events and quickly became a collectible item. As demand grew, people started buying and hoarding them, leading to a speculative bubble. The company that made them, Ty Inc., had trouble keeping up with demand, and many people paid exorbitant prices for rare Beanies.

Result? When the bubble burst, many people were left with collections that were worth far less than they had paid. 😔

  • Not McHappy Jan:  The McDonald’s Monopoly game was a promotional event that ran from 1987 to 2018. Customers could collect game pieces from McDonald’s food items and redeem them for prizes, including cash and cars. In 2001, it was revealed that a group of people had cheated the game by stealing and selling winning game pieces.

Result? The scandal damaged McDonald’s reputation, and the company suspended the promotion for several years. 🛑

  • Copycat wars: Fidget Spinners were a popular promotional item in 2017. The small toy, which was originally designed to help people with ADHD and anxiety, became a fad among kids and teenagers, and demand for them skyrocketed. Some schools and public places eventually banned them due to the distraction they caused. The sudden popularity of the Fidget Spinner led to many copycat versions and eventually the market became oversaturated.

Result? Sales declined rapidly and many companies were left with excess inventory. ⬇️

Here at Inck, we take a strategic approach to merchandising. We create wildly successful merchandise that promises to keep your customers happy and your reputation in check.

Ready to create successful merchandise your clients will love?  Get in touch  with one of our friendly team today!

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