Cheap Promotional Products – The Biggest Mistake You Are (Probably) Making

Looking for cheap promotional products? Join the queue, my friend.  

When it comes to branded merchandise there is one word that is used more consistently in search than any other – CHEAP.

Which is strange when you think about it. 

If you were looking to impress a date would you order the cheapest bottle of wine? If you wanted to make a good impression at your new job would you wear the cheapest suit you could possibly find? If you wanted to show a friend how much you valued them would you seek out the cheapest gift you could get your budget-friendly hands on?

Probably not.

And yet, when it comes to branded merchandise, you can bet your bottom dollar that that’s exactly what they’ll want. Your bottom dollar. 

But, at what cost?  

If you are guilty of searching for low-cost merchandise it might be helpful to consider the following:

What are you (or your supplier) compromising on?

The problem with rock-bottom prices is that somewhere along the supply chain something has got to give.It might be reflected in the QUALITY of the product, leaving you to then question if shoddy merchandise is an accurate representation of your brand. It could be that the SAFETY of the product was not prioritised, meaning it could be at risk of recall and the reputational downside that comes with that. Or maybe the trade off was a lack of RESPONSIBILITY which saw factory conditions or workers wages compromised in an effort to keep costs really low. Honestly, the fastest way to ruin your marketing strategy is to give your customers something that they see no value in. When you consider the potential longevity of its influence you want to ensure that the gift you give them is going to last.  In addition, there is the ethical component to consider and we can’t have it both ways – be committed to responsible sourcing and seeing an end to modern slavery whilst still pushing for the lowest possible price. 

The Good News? Whilst we aren’t fans of cheap (and nasty), we are fans of products that are cost-effective. We have worked with plenty of clients looking for creative merchandise that comes in well under the $1 mark (you can check out some of our case studies here). 

The real difference between cheap and cost-effective? CREATIVITY. And that, thankfully, is something you can buy (see below).

What are you paying your supplier for (and is it worth it)?

If pricing is a priority (and for most of us it is), then sourcing direct holds obvious appeal. That said, the opportunity cost of not using a local supplier might be greater still, because what you are actually paying for is much more than just a product. Working with a supplier you can trust not only saves you time but also takes away the hard work, hassle and uncertainty. Don’t forget – whoever imports your promotional merchandise into the country is responsible. If you source direct from an off-shore supplier (which is where the real savings are) YOU would be the one taking on that layer of risk. You would be responsible for ensuring all the mandatory safety checks have been done and all the compliance procedures are in place. So, essentially, part of what you are paying for is peace of mind. In addition to mitigating your risk and ensuring your products are responsibly sourced, your supplier is also leveraging the relationships they have already established overseas. 

The Good News? Companies like ours have been doing this for years which gives us significant purchasing power. What does this mean? Cheaper prices. Combine that with our strategic merchandising marketing experience and you might decide that, far from being the more expensive option, partnering with a supplier like Inck is actually rather a bargain 😉

Looking for smart, cost-effective merchandise that really delivers? For a quote that might surprise you give us a call today!

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