Choosing the Right Face Mask for Your Brand – An Insider’s Guide

Keys, Phone ….. Face Mask.

What was once the choice of a few is steadily becoming the standard for many. From 11.59pm tonight, people in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will be required to wear a face covering when leaving their house. In other parts of the country doing so is highly recommended in situations where maintaining 1.5 metres distance is not possible (public transport, supermarkets etc).

With Aussies now scrambling to order masks and many retailers selling out as fast as they restock, it might be time to consider activating with branded face masks if it is a good match for your brand.

Branded Face Masks – A Good Fit For Your Business? When it comes to promotional products, utility is often cited as a desirable trait. That said, in terms of your marketing strategy, you need to consider the offering more broadly. If your messaging is around safety in the workplace or giving your customers peace of mind that would be a fit. Or, if you are promoting an large outdoor sporting event/indoor conference or similar then branded face masks are an affordable way to promote your team/message whilst keeping crowds safe. If the match is less obvious, you may choose to tailor your message to fit or use humour as your point of difference (we can help with this 🙂 )

Branded Face Masks – What Style is the Best Fit for Your Business? The type of mask you choose will be strongly dictated by price, quantity and the type of event/result you are hoping to achieve. For larger events or when cost is a factor, a classic fabric or stretchy promo mask would be best – depending on your order numbers expect to pay approx $1 per piece. Double Layered masks with a cotton inner would be considered the next level up. And, for smaller or more bespoke events you might consider premium quality, silk face masks with embroidered branding. Don’t forget – the cut/fit and material can make a big difference to the wearability/functionality of the mask. A well designed mask will encourage on-going use and increased brand visibility.

Branded Face Masks – What to watch Out For: Face Masks are not a regulated item and can be made anywhere and by anyone. Low cost cut/sew products can be higher risk, so ensure you buy them from a responsible supplier who offers supply chain transparency. When a product is in high demand, gauging a fair price becomes harder – get in touch if you would like to get a cost comparison. And don’t forget – medical grade face masks should be reserved for the healthcare professionals who need them.

For more information on styles, types and things to consider you can download our FREE Face Mask Buying Guide here. 

Alternatively, GET IN TOUCH  for a free quote and samples and let Inck help make the whole process of choosing branded face masks EASY. 

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