Creative & Innovative Merch Ideas – The April 2021 Edit

Who doesn’t love a great idea? Here at Inck, we believe the best ideas sit at the intersection of creativity and innovation. Here’s some of the products that got us excited this month that might help provide some promotional merch inspo!

Rice Paper Face Mask











Love this.

It’s a Face mask made from rice paper that is filled with flower seeds. Once used, it can be buried in the ground (it’s fully biodegradable) where the seeds get their chance to flower and bloom.

Utility, sustainability and beauty in one – a welcome change from the blue disposable masks that have been littering up our streets, gutters and ocean shores.
















Remember slime? 

That highly inviting goo our kids loved to play with but that was less kind to our carpets…. Well, it’s back and this time it’s antibacterial to boot. Canal toys have recently introduced a non-sticky (your carpets are safe!), super stretchy slime that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria packaged up in these cute pocket-sized tins. 

From multi-coloured hand sanitisers to cute musical hand-washing timers , combining play and hygiene is a trend we have seen a lot of recently. Bearing in mind kids tend to attract mess, it’s a partnership that makes sense!

Ear Buds Case






Retro cool but still tech-savvy!

The Samsung Anycall Galaxy Buds Pro Case keeps your earbuds snug (and charged) in this nostalgic, throw-back of a case based on one of their phone designs from way back. Only currently available in Korea (no fair!) and being offered free with any in-store purchase of their namesake wireless headphones. 

Reminds us a little of the clever 3M Solar Earplug packaging from a few years back and also of this article that explains how, in times of uncertainty, nostalgia is a comfort (#marketinghack).

Bar-Scented Candles









What did you miss most whilst in lockdown?

Seeing your friends and family? Playing a round of golf?…..Or the warm familiarity of sinking a few beers in your favourite bar?  If the latest range of sold out, pandemic-related promo merch is any indication, it seems for many it was the latter. 

Yup, Miller Lite launched a range of candles called ‘Bar Smells’ and they sold out FAST. 

Who needs to head out to their local when they can light up a “Game day Bar” (Salted Peanut, Jalapeno, Cracked Leather) or “Beer Garden” (Green Moss, Warm Pretzel, Cracked Wood, Sunburn) candle from the range and stay sat on the couch!

If you love getting creative merch ideas and branded merchandise inspiration, you’ll probably get a kick out of our  ‘2021 Trends Report’ – Click HERE to grab yourself a copy. 

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