Why do Sustainable Promo Products Cost More?

If you are wondering why doing the ‘right’ thing can often cost a little more, here’s a quick explainer.

Lower demand: Whilst it’s often reported that there is growing demand for sustainable products, they are unfortunately still far from being the norm. Less demand equates to less buying power resulting in higher overall costs.
The cost of raw materials is often higher – For example, using recycled paper is better for the environment (save the trees!), but the cost of recycling paper is higher than cutting down the tree. Same goes for things like organic cotton vs regular cotton (to learn more about the difference read this.)
The omission of nasties in eco-friendly products and the corresponding costs of meeting safety standards can increase the prices of those products.
Fair Wages: Sadly, low cost country sourcing may come with the hidden cost of exploitation in the supply chain. Responsibly sourced products should cost more as equitable wages and safe working conditions should not be considered as a premium price to pay
Certifications (Organic, b-corp, fairtrade) will drive the price of a product up, due to the rigorous testing and compliance required.
Environmentally Friendly Packaging may also come at a premium and adds to the overall cost of the product.

So, yes. -promotional products that are made responsibly do cost more. But, in an industry where price is often the key driver, hopefully we will see a time where choosing a sustainable product is no longer considered a luxury.

The companies that we work with are all invested in being socially responsible, but they also have budget considerations. Finding workable solutions is something our team excels at.

If you are interested in exploring sustainable solutions for your business, our team would be happy to chat and answer any questions you might have.

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