Giving branded merchandise a whole new meaning

Have you ever loved something so much you considered getting its likeness tattooed on your body?

Most people would take this step to honour a family member, reflect on an experience or share their hobby with the world.

But what about getting your favourite brand’s logo permanently inked on your body??

Would you do it?

When you think about it, the brands you use the most have a huge impact on your life. They are there, sometimes every day, beside your bed, in your bathroom cabinet and on your dinner table.

To the delight of marketers, some superfans are happy to share their ‘till-death’ brand loyalty with the world. This smashes any written testimonial out of the water!

In Russia, a Dominos chain recently tried to cash in on supreme brand loyalty by offering 100 free pizzas for 100 years to customers who got themselves a Domino’s tattoo ‘somewhere prominent’. The promotion got shut down only four days later, but not before close to 400 people had taken part.

Not all brands need hairbrained promotions to turn their clients into walking billboards. Harley Davidson, for example, is a brand which has no shortage of logos etched permanently on the biceps of its customer base. Apple’s brand recognition is also extended by fans who are happy to look at the logo every time they get in and out of the shower.

In 2018, microwave-friendly cookware Pyrex had a big win, with an article sharing that people (mostly women) who love the brand are getting tattoos of the patterns. Talk about the ultimate feedback on design!

Another major brand which has had success in this area is Anytime Fitness, which recently revealed that over 2,000 members now sport a tattoo of the gym’s ‘running man’ logo.

The ultimate marketing win

Getting a brand tattooed on your body not only shows your loyalty, it adds you as part of the ‘club’. It can instantly affirm your personality to people (for better or worse) and declares you as a user for life.

Seeing a customer with a tattoo of your logo is the ultimate compliment and while it may not ever happen for your business, creating buyers who have this level of excitement for your brand is something to aspire to.

To foster this type of above and beyond brand loyalty, your brand needs to:

  • Speak on a personal level to your target audience
  • Deliver quality products or services, every time
  • Have a community and a culture of its own, which users aspire to be part of
  • Be no-doubt-about-it strong and well defined
  • Have amazing customer care

When working on your next brand experience, think about how you could delight your customers to such a level that they would be motivated to go for some eternal markings.

And in the meantime… who wants to get permanent ink of Inck??? We’ll give you free pizza for a year….

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