Hate for the Plate – When Branded Merchandise Backfires

They say size matters, but when it comes to regulating portion size, it can spell big trouble for your brand.

Macy’s department store recently bowed to online pressure to remove a range of plates and tableware that had twitter in a ‘body shaming’ uproar. Particular offence was taken by the plate depicting a small circle with the words ‘skinny jeans’ and a larger circle with the words ‘mom jeans’. Soon after receiving the negative feedback, Macy’s admitted they “had missed the mark with this product” and promptly removed the plates from its stores.

Unfortunately for Macys’s, the tweet that started it all (‘How can I get these plates from @macys banned in all 50 states’) ended up going viral (5.7k retweets and 48k likes in the first three days), serving as a reminder that in this day and age offence is easily taken. Ironically, all the negative attention had a positive result for Pourtions, the company who created the plates for Macy’s. Online order’s for their tableware has tripled in volume since ‘Plate-Gate’, proving that the old ‘no such thing as bad publicity’ adage still rings true.

If you are looking for branded merchandise for your business that will create an impact, but less of a stir (for example our very own Nestle Portion Plate that we designed and delivered), get in touch with the team at INCK today.


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