Have you joined the coffee cup revolution?

Reusable coffee cups are steadily taking over.

Walk down any city street first thing in the morning these days and you’ll notice more and more commuters are doing their part for the planet by whipping out their reusable coffee cup when they stop for their morning caffeine hit.

You could say this is a result of The Chaser’s War on Waste, which aired a couple of years ago on the ABC. The program shared the jaw-dropping stat that 500 billion takeaway cups end up in landfill every year. And despite what a lot of us thought, those little vessels don’t break down. There’s a plastic lining which hangs around for way longer than bad coffee breath.

The changing picture

The Chaser’s doco was the wake-up call a lot of us needed and a reusable coffee cup has become the accessory du jour.

Two of our faves are the Huskee Cup, which uses organic coffee husks as a raw material to create stylish, environmentally friendly drinking vessels. These easy to grip and stackable cups are user-friendly, keeping your coffee hotter for longer without burning your mitts.

At Inck, we also love Habit Cups. Created by some forward thinking planet warriors, Habit quickly gained funding on Kickstarter to launch a coffee cup made from bamboo chopsticks. The Habit Cup combines the offcuts of bamboo chopsticks with cornstarch and natural resin and the resulting product doesn’t affect that precious coffee flavour.

Join the coffee cup revolution

All of a sudden there’s competition for who has the hippest coffee cup but it doesn’t really matter what you’re drinking from. The main thing is that by remembering to chuck your reusable cup in your bag (hmm there’s an idea, handbags and backpacks with room for coffee cup storage…) or to keep on on your desk at work, you can slice around 150 cups from the landfill count every year.

To completely reduce coffee cup waste, we only need around 3-4 billion people to change their daily habit.

But let’s start with ourselves and the people around us. Set yourself a challenge to skip the single-use cup for a month and get your friends and colleagues to do the same.

There’s no doubt reusable coffee cups are the ‘in thing’. Contact us to see our range of eco-friendly reusable coffee cups.

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