How Many Slaves Do You Have? Take The Test

You might not know it, but chances are you have a number of slaves ‘working’ for you.

They might have helped make that coffee you ordered this morning. Or that smartphone you can’t live without. Or the bucket of prawns you ate for lunch.

Sadly, modern slavery is alive and well and often far closer to home than you might think. According to the Australian Human Rights Law Centre, there are around 25 million slaves worldwide and about 4,300 in Australia alone.  To shine a light on this subject, Made In A Free World, an organisation that works with businesses to stop human trafficking, developed a quiz. Based on your lifestyle, what you eat, wear and own, it can calculate how many slaves you (might) have working for you.

CLICK HERE to take the QUIZ.

At Inck, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. So, if you are looking to partner with a supplier who is not just across the latest legislation and compliance, but also walks the walk when it comes to tightly managing the supply chain for our customers, we’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with us HERE.

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