New Mandatory Button Battery Safety Standards

A good news update (in case you missed it).

Inck is excited and relieved that in Dec the Federal Government  (finally) announced the introduction of new regulations to improve the safety of button and coin batteries and the consumer goods containing them.

Button battery safety has been at the forefront of product safety concerns for many years.

Back in 2016, a National Strategy was developed by all Australian Consumer Law (ACL) regulators with the overall objective of reducing incidents of child’s exposure to button batteries. In the intervening years, button batteries have been at the centre of various product recalls with reports confirming that one child a month in Australia is seriously injured after swallowing or inserting a button battery.

The new mandatory standards took effect on 22nd December 2020 with an 18-month transition period to apply from this date.

The team at Inck are delighted to see that progress is being made but also offer a cautionary reminder to continue to watch out for toys and household objects that contain button batteries and to keep them away from the small hands and small mouths of loved ones.

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