Promotional Merchandise – 3 Great Ways to Save on Cost.

Looking to save money on your promotional products and branded merchandise? 

Here are 3 top tips to look after your bottom line.

  1. Plan Ahead: When it comes to promotional products, the urgency of the deadline usually dictates the terms. In short – longer lead times result in better priced products. Ordering products with last minute deadlines means you could run the risk of additional fees. These might include extra shipping fees for faster delivery or rush fees associated with shorter production times. We encourage our clients to consider their promotional merchandise ahead of time and at the start of any event, campaign or activation planning.
  2.  Design with Budget in Mind: When it comes to designing your branded merchandise, there are a few easy ways you can cut corners cost wise without compromising on product. Different fabrics, decoration styles and colours all have varying price points and we work diligently with our clients to match the right product to their budget. Before you commit to a design ask your supplier if there are any simple variables. For instance, printing on light coloured t-shirts is more cost effective than printing on darker fabrics. Using fewer colours in a design can lower the materials/labour needed and in turn reduces the cost. And, so on. No matter the brief or the budget, there is usually a more economical option (dependent on size of order) that will ensure an end product you are proud of.
  3. Look for Economies of Scale: The higher the number of promotional products you order, the lower the cost per unit price. Therefore, exploring ways you might be able to leverage your merchandise across a number of campaigns makes good economic sense. Using the same product in different ways (incentives, corporate gifts, competitions etc.) can give you a strategic and financial advantage. And, by collaborating with different teams/departments you might find that combining your promotional product spend is also a smart way to reduce overall costs. At Inck, we are well versed in helping clients find the best way they can maximise the economies of scale and have found it can often be the secret to getting the most bang for your buck.


Looking for well-priced, strategic merchandise solutions? The experienced team at Inck will make it EASY.  Get in touch with us for a no nonsense, no obligation chat today!

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