The INCK Guide to Merchandise Lingo

Looking to create a range of branded merchandise for your business? Been asked to source some cool creative products for an upcoming activation? If it’s not something you have a lot of experience with, you may need a little help learning the ‘language’.

So, let’s make your life EASIER by explaining what the common terms used in our industry mean:

Artwork Lingo:

Vector file: Vector image files are the ones with file extensions (that end in) .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg. They are popular in the promotional industry as they can be easily edited and scaled infinitely without losing any details – which means whatever size your product, you’re assured a crisp image. This is the optimum format for high res logos.

JPEG or PNG File: Your artwork can also be sent as a JPEG or PNG file. These are flat files that can not be edited.

CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,Key (K= Black). 4 Colour process inks, perfect for photo realistic prints, and large format printing.

PMS: Pantone Matching System. A world standard numbered ink system used by all print decorators to ensure universal colour matching accuracy.

Print Area: This is the area where your logo/design will be printed.

Screen Printing: This is the most commonly used print technique for T-Shirts and it is both efficient and cost-effective (esp. for larger orders.) The versatility of this decoration method allows it to be used across a whole range of branded merchandise. This decoration method is best for logos with 4 colors or less.

For a full lowdown on all decoration lingo see this handy guide.

Quote/Order lingo:

Guide Pricing: This is a price estimate for the type of products you might be interested in. We can get this to you quickly which can be helpful when trying to establish a budget.

Initial Proposal: If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, we can send you a proposal containing product ideas at certain price points.

Quotation: This is our formal quote, all inclusive (no surprises!)

Order Confirmation (OC): Once you have agreed on a quote, this is the confirmation we send through for you to check that all details are correct. We can’t proceed with an order unless this is signed off.

Artwork Approval: This is where we show you how your final artwork (design/logo) will look on your promo product. This needs to be signed off by you before we can proceed with your order.

Pre-production Sample (PPS): This is a test sample of your promo item and is recommended for large orders. Mass production will not commence until the PPS has been approved. These are generally not available for local production unless specifically agreed.

Fulfillment: Order fulfillment refers to the processing time from when you place your order to the date you receive your items.

Packaging: This describes the materials used to wrap or protect your promo products. Why is this important? If you’re activating at a major event, the location is highly likely to have policies in place to reduce packaging so you can save money and waste by bulk-packing your products (and make your team executing the activation very happy).

Packing: This is the action or process of packing your goods. Why is this important? Products going to a retailer may require barcodes, have to meet certain size and weight requirements etc and bulk-packed event items may need to be in clearly marked and easy-open cartons for quick and easy activation.

Here at Inck we pride ourselves on cutting through the complicated jargon. We are here to help you not only find the perfect product but to make the whole process unbelievably EASY!

Been asked to source some promo product ideas for your business? Give one of our friendly team a call today and let’s help get you started!

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