5 EASY ways to make your promo merchandise more sustainable

One approach we use when helping clients find the perfect sustainable solution is by exploring the 5 R’s – 5 EASY ways to make your promo merch more responsible,

Re-think: When it comes to deciding on promotional merchandise for your business, we encourage you to re-think about the products on offer. Single-use, disposable products that might once have been the promotional norm are no longer the responsible choice. We think it’s time to get excited about creating desirable, useful, retail-inspired products that will help elevate your message and leave a better footprint.

Reduce: Being more selective about the merchandise you choose might reduce the number of products you buy. But, by buying less, you are able to buy better – and better quality products with a longer lifespan are good news both for your brand and for the environment.

Re-use: Is this a product your customers will want to use again and again? Yes, it might be a promotional product – but that doesn’t mean it needs to lead with that. Part of our discovery process with our clients is around really honing in on their target audience to create a range of merchandise that really resonates. A desirable product can mean the difference between literally thousands of positive impressions and a product that ends up in obscurity in a bottom drawer somewhere. Products that encourage reuse – think keepcups, water bottles and tote bags – are also a smarter solution than recycling old products into new ones.

Re-fill: Responsible consumers have started embracing the idea of refillable packaging such as re-fillable cleaning and beauty products, which is an opportunity for promo products. Products with a longer lifespan such as refillable notebooks (with leather style journal covers), pen refills, flower pots and vases are kinder to our planet.

Re-cycle: Recycled products – those made from recycled materials – are certainly preferable to those made from ‘virgin’ materials. But, we mustn’t forget that the process of recycling releases fumes into the environment and so whilst preferable, isn’t entirely ‘sustainable’. In addition to seeking out recycled products, we also encourage our clients to choose those made from natural materials (straw, hemp, bamboo etc) that can be broken down more easily.

When it comes to promotional merchandise our team encourages both small steps and large strides. Whilst the 5 R’s are only the tip of the iceberg, if you are thinking about exploring more sustainable solutions for your business they can be an easy way to get started

Feel free to get in touch if we can help you on your journey to creating a more responsible future.

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