5 Ways to Make Sure Your Giveaway Doesn’t Become a Throwaway

Using promotional products to ply your customers with pointless junk is a rubbish market strategy. Literally. 

Here are the top 5 ways you can manage a successful promotional marketing campaign, whilst keeping your brand well clear of the bin.

  1. Give Them What They Want – At the core of every promotional marketing campaign is your target audience. Who are they? How do they spend their time? What product will they find useful? Utility is often sited as the number one preferred trait in a promotional product, but just because USB sticks might be useful, it doesn’t mean they are appropriate for your demographic.
  2. Make it Last – We have all heard the statistic that promotional items are kept for up to 8 months on average, but at Inck we think it’s smart to plan for durability from the start. Depending on the product you might want to ask your supplier – Is it dishwasher safe? Is it microwave safe? Will the logo fade with use? Will it shrink in the wash? If you want your promotional garb to be worn out in public (not just in bed), it might be worth considering a design with a more subtle logo/message. If the main point of promotional products is to showcase your business, it makes sense that the product not only lasts, but is something your audience is happy to use/wear with pride.
  3. Take Responsibility: When it comes to branded merchandise, green is the new black. That said, creating an effective promotional giveaway that will keep your logo out of landfill, is not as simple as sticking a recyclable sticker on it. Working with a supplier who understands the sustainability journey, from design to delivery is critically important.
  4. Less is More: As the war on waste builds momentum, there is a growing trend towards consuming less and better. This might mean you choose to be more selective when it comes to deciding who to give your swag away to. Randomly bombarding every conference attendee with a low cost product might end up being a false economy. Studies have proven that when something is in limited supply, it can actually increase demand and desirability. What could be more bullish for your brand than a promotional giveaway that becomes highly coveted or collectible? As an example, Inck designed this limited edition Twining’s water bottle, that continues to be resold on Amazon today.
  5. Get Smart With Your Budget: In the same way that the scarcity principle (above) can be used to deem a low cost item valuable, so too can a side order of creativity. Creating a unique or unusual offering, that side steps the standard promotional fare, can be a smart way to make an impact even on a smaller budget.

At Inck, we create unique, custom-made products that resonate with your audience and take ownership of the whole process, from design to delivery. If you would like to learn more about how to increase the effectiveness of your investment in promotional merchandise get in touch with us HERE.

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