Heat Transfer vs Screen Print

I’m sure I speak for a large amount of us here when I say I was baffled by the various printing methods available, and how all of these printing options differ. Even now, I still find myself getting them muddled up and asking myself which one means what, in particularly, heat transfer and screen printing.

To overcome this, I have decided to lay out the key differences of the two and help you distinguish which option would be better for you and your product.

Screen printing is a method in which a screen is essentially cut to make a stencil for the design. Like when a stencil is used, Ink is evenly spread over the screen, allowing ink to pass through to the object underneath but only in the areas needed. One colour a screen only, therefore multiple screens are likely to to be used in order to finalise an item

Heat transfer on the other hand uses a combination of both heat and pressure.

What is the best printing type for you? When deciding the most suitable type of printing for your branded merchandise, it is good to take into considering the item you are customising and the volume need. Screen printing is more cost effect for larger orders as unique screens need to be cut. Heat transfer on the other hand is the same with every print made, therefore this can be done for as little as you like without extraordinary costs.

If you’d like further information on which type of printing is best for you, please get in contact with us here at Inck and we will advise you accordingly.

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