5 Ways to Use QR Codes in your Promotional Merchandise Marketing

Thanks to endlessly signing in wherever we go and the rise of touch-free menus, most of us are pretty au fait with QR codes. When it comes to promotional marketing there are a number of ways you can use that ubiquitous black and white square to your advantage.

  1. Scan the code to enter: QR codes are a quick and easy way for your prospects to enter a competition to win a prize or for them to redeem a promotional incentive. This type of interactive marketing component encourages engagement with your brand and increases the likelihood you’ll be remembered. 
  2. Increase your products longevity & relevance: By integrating a QR code onto your promotional merch and then changing the messaging (what the QR code directs them to), you can continue to pique their interest over time. The WNBA did this recently with a special edition hoodie that has a QR code across the front that will direct you to different tweets as the season goes on. 
  3. Use it as a metric to measure your ROI: QR codes can be a useful way to measure the success of a particular promotional product campaign. When it comes to calculating your return on investment, you firstly need to establish your goal (to generate leads, grow your social media following, build better brand awareness etc). Next you choose your metric (email sign ups, likes, shares etc.) and then you can tailor a ‘call to action’ accordingly. If you create a custom QR code (your ‘call to action’) for a specific event or activation, then the engagement with the code can be used to calculate cost per acquisition.
  4. Build intrigue and excitement: Until you scan it, most QR codes look pretty similar. If you are looking to build excitement for the launch of a new merchandise line or want to drip feed a product launch, then QR codes can be used as part of the overall marketing strategy build up. 
  5. Make their life easier : If you are looking to generate leads, then making it easy for your prospects to get in touch or find out more about your business is a must. QR codes can be used to direct them to your website, allow them to call straight through to your business or be a simple one-stop way for them to subscribe (a promotional perk for doing so will increase engagement).

Are you looking for fresh ways to engage digitally with your ideal customer? We’d love to help!  Give us a call today and let us make your merchandise EASY!

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