How To Choose The Right Promotional Giveaway

How hard can it be?

Pick a product, choose a colour, print your logo on it. And then start giving it away.

The problem with this approach is that, in addition to giving away a product, you are giving away an opportunity. A statistically proven opportunity to really connect with your customer. Promotional products are one of the most affordable and effective ways to advertise your business. But, before you leap on the nearest backpack that takes your fancy, lets look at the questions you need to ask to make sure you choose the right promotional giveaway.

WHO is it For? The first pillar of marketing is always your AUDIENCE. Who are your customers? Who are your potential customers? By truly understanding your audience, you will you be much better placed to work out what promotional products will engage them the most. The more detail here, the better. Maximum engagement = Best chance of customer conversion and customer retention.

WHAT is it For? Next up, it helps to have a clear understanding of your aims for this particular promotional giveaway. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO ACHIEVE? Are you looking to increase sales? Build brand value? Increase brand recognition? Create PR and content opportunity? Working backwards from your desired end goal will give you the best chance to maximize your ROI.

Once you are clear on the ‘Who’ and the ‘What, you can start to answer more specific questions, to really drill down and make sure you choose the right promotional giveaway for your business.

Is it Useful? Utility is consistently voted as the number one reason people keep hold of promotional products. Which is great news for your business – the longer they use your giveaway, the longer your brand will be front of mind. To encourage longevity, and because the quality of your product is a further measure of your brand, we recommend you always work with a trusted supplier. WEARABLE products (hats, t-shirts, caps) come with the additional benefit of increased visibility, especially if they are unisex (hats) or not limited by size constraints (bags). The real question of utility must always come back to your audience – What would add the most VALUE and be the most USEFUL to them?

Is it Relevant? Promotional products are more than just an opportunity for branding. They have the power to send a message. The message your giveaway sends should always be in keeping with your BRAND IDENTITY. Is your brand fun and quirky? Corporate and trustworthy? Child friendly? Environmentally conscious? By finding a product that is RELEVANT to both your brand and customer base (ie: Dermatologist/Sunscreen), you avoid sending a generic message that ends up meaning nothing to nobody. Ideally, your promotional giveaway will not only reflect the look and feel of your brand, but also reinforce it.

Is it Appropriate? Like all good products, your giveaway should ideally solve a problem. Cold outside? Think Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Ceramic Mugs or Hand Warmers. Stuck in the Office? Branded journals, pens and desk accessories make much more sense. To encourage customer conversion, you may also want to consider ENVIRONMENTAL TARGETING. This means giving your customers branded items that they will use in the environment where they are most likely to make decisions about your business. So, flash drives and mouse pads are a good idea if your business is online. Whereas water bottles or shopping bags might be more suited to people likely to walk in and join your gym or buy your clothes. Lastly, you need to circle back to the BRANDING and ensure the giveaway you choose is an APPROPRIATE offering in line with your company’s image.

Ready to find the right promotional giveaway for your business? Click here to get in touch. Our concepts are original, cost-effective and designed for your target audience!

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