Activating with Promo Products in 2022? Here’s What You Need to Know

Looking for a supplier who can help you source the perfect product for next year’s activations? promo product activation

Our first piece of advice – Get in EARLY.

Here at Inck HQ, we are used to managing the behind-the-scenes logistical juggle of shipping delays, freight increases and compliance hiccups, but (even by our standards) the current supply chain squeeze is impacting the industry very significantly. promo product activation

 On one side, large offshore orders are being pummelled by the trifecta of increased demand, congested ports and increased levies (this article explains it well). On the other, are the local suppliers who are trying to keep up with the knock-on effect of increased demand as a result.

How should businesses who have events, activations and promotional marketing planned for 2022 prepare?

Plan Ahead:  With a multi-tiered supply chain, even limited delays at different stages can have a significant impact. Whereas previously our recommendation for major off-shore activations would be to plan for a 2-4 week contingency plan, now we suggest closer to 2-3 months to ensure future promotions proceed as planned.

Think Local: If you do need merchandise fast and if the size of order, type of product and budget allows then we would suggest working with one of our 400+ local suppliers. Whilst the knock-on effect has seen increased demand on suppliers closer to home, many still have good stock levels, with merchandise that can be branded locally and delivered in shorter time frames.  

Be Careful About Sourcing Direct: Whilst it can be tempting to cut costs by sourcing direct from one of the thousands of commodity merchandise suppliers online, we would urge caution. Being reliant on one supplier and without supply-chain transparency getting a clear understanding of stock levels, availability and delivery timelines can mean your products are delayed further still.

Work with a trusted supplier: The massive disruption in global supply chains over the past 18 months has driven home how important it is to work with experienced suppliers. It’s more crucial than ever to seek out partnerships with companies that prioritize supply-chain strategy and who can provide you with a selection of overseas and local suppliers to best meet your needs. Ensuring your supplier works with a reputable/trusted freight forwarder will help minimise delays as their influence is key for securing vessel bookings. By using a trusted supplier you will be best positioned to not only meet customer deadlines but also control costs that could jeopardise your bottom line. 

At Inck, we are in the business of making branded merchandise EASY. promo product activation

So, if your Company is planning on activating with promotional products or branded merchandise in 2022, we highly recommend you get in touch. We’ve gained some really good insights over the past 18 months and we’d be happy to share our knowledge and experience.

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