7 Promotional Products that didn’t exist before COVID-19

If ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, then we have the pandemic to thank for a whole batch of promotional products we never knew we would need. Some of the Covid-19 inspired merch was extra weird and wonderful (we looked at these in a recent post that you can read here) and some kinda make sense in this ‘new normal’ world we find ourselves living in. 

Let’s take a look:

Polyester Mask Keeper

Gone are the days of having to retrieve your scrunched up mask from your jacket pocket or the bottom of your handbag. Now you can keep it uncontaminated and within easy reach with this handy mask keeper. Pick a colour, customise with your screen-printed logo and stare dreamily into the distance remembering a time when accessories were more fashionable and less PPE.

Social Distancing Beeper

Don’t stand, don’t stand, don’t stand so close to me…..literally. For companies struggling to ensure the required safe distancing guidelines are adhered to, the social distancing beeper comes to the rescue, warning anyone who gets too close to (politely) back off. They come in a range of styles, from those that can be hung around your neck on a customised lanyard to watches that can be worn by the whole socially distanced workforce.

Plush Masks w Earmuffs

For fans of multi-tasking merchandise, these plush masks keep you protected and your ears nice and cosy at the same time. Perfect for winter and outdoor activations and a good way to encourage reluctant kids to cover up. C-suite executives may prefer the more conservative offerings that do the same job, but without the cuddly faces.

Brass Door Openers

In the year that saw pushing doors open with your elbow to become standard, these no-touch tools had a brief moment of fame. You simply attach them to your keyring and use them in elevators or at the ATM machine (to push the buttons on your behalf). Made from brass that is naturally antimicrobial, it offers a welcome barrier between you and any potentially contaminated surfaces. Added bonus? The finger slot doubles up as a bottle opener.

Face Mask Wash Bag

If you like your face mask to be less Grey’s Anatomy and more fashionably sustainable, then this one’s for you. It’s a protective wash bag that looks after your mask in the same way lingerie wash bags protect your smalls. Easily customised with your personalised logo/branding and perfect when seeking a less standard promo item.

Vaccine Card Holder

Whilst it might not have the same kudos as flashing one’s Platinum Amex, there is little doubt that our vaccination status is going to be opening/closing doors and even borders down the track. Vaccine card holders and the much-discussed Vaccine passports both offer an opportunity for branding, perfect for health care centres and industries where the jabs might become mandatory. 

Colour Coded Wristbands

Whilst promotional wristbands have long been part of the branded merchandise landscape, this novel idea has been suggested for workforces/colleagues trying to work out how they feel about social distancing going forward. Pick a colour according to your preference and avoid any awkward encounters in the office or boardroom. The perfect solution for avoiding annoying colleagues everywhere!

Looking to find the perfect promo product? Get in touch with the team at Inck and let us help take care of everything!

COVID-19 Promotional Products COVID-19 Promotional Products

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