Are Promotional Products a Waste of Time & Money?

Are promotional products a waste of time and money?

Yes, they can be. Let me explain….

The biggest misconception we encounter around promotional products is that they are simply a commodity item. Something to bundle in with their print orders or purchase online from a stranger.


The problem with this approach? By treating your merchandise as a discounted afterthought, you’re likely to get both a poor return on investment and potentially disengage the very audience you are setting out to attract. Want to know how to calculate the ROI on your promotional products? Here’s something we prepared earlier.

So, yes – RANDOM acts of merchandising that have not been thought out and planned accordingly can be a giant waste of your time and money. In fact, audience resonance now depends on your brand standing for an awesome idea as much as an awesome product – perhaps even more so.

Which is why taking a strategic approach to your merchandise marketing opens up the opportunity for  genuine engagement, greater reach and increased ROI. You are not just buying a product, as much as you are an opportunity. An opportunity to leverage your brand’s identity in a meaningful way.

Whilst you might view your branded merchandise as a tangible and seemingly easily measurable marketing commodity, it is ironically the intangible aspect of this kind of marketing that might be the most valuable metric of all.

Want to create a merchandise marketing strategy that will boost engagement, make your brand stand out amongst the pack and give you excellent ROI on your promotional products? Call  the friendly team at Inck today!

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