Cool Promotional Merchandise Ideas – The 2020 Edit

Looking for cool promotional merchandise ideas?

Let’s explore some new and improved products that are trending in 2020.


1. (Smarter) Water Bottles: Stay healthy, hydrated and hygienic with the new batch of smart water bottles that are making a promotional splash in 2020. There are some that track your water intake and light up or vibrate to remind you to drink up responsibly. There are others that use UV technology to neutralize up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria keeping your water and bottle squeaky clean in the process. As well as a few multi-taskers that claim to do both. Quenching one’s thirst has never been so high tech!


2. Covid-19 Related Merch:
Whilst we may all be bored to tears of the virus, the associated merch keeps on coming. Face masks and hand sanitisers, which were initially harder to find than gold, are now easily available and being sold by the truckload. Tools that offer a touch-free experience offer a pocket-friendly way to engage with your audience and there are a whole range of UV germ zapping products (like phone cases) that have also been proving popular.



3. (Custom) Footwear: Branded footwear has started to take more innovative strides into the promotional merchandise space in the past few years. One US company that has been trending in this space is Ubix who offer a range of trainers, thongs and slides that can be customised according to your demographic. With utility often cited as one of the key components of desirable merchandise, offering comfortable shoes with stylish branding is a great way to keep your brand one step ahead of the competition.


4. (Better) Pens: Whilst the humble pen has long been a promotional merchandise stalwart, the new offerings could easily draw rings around the pens of days gone by. One of our favorites is the swiss made DS8 Regeneration pens by Prodir. Stylishly designed, ergonomically optimised and now available with an antibacterial casing to prevent the spread of germs and nasties. Better still? The casings can be made from 100% recycled plastic and every pen is equipped with an innovative lead-free refill. Stylish and planet friendly? That’s the kind of merch we are keen to promote.



5. Things that Grow: With half the world working from home this year, anything that upgrades your customers home environment will be well received. Perfect for corporate gifting, plants offer a sustainable and memorable memento and can be presented in branded (eco-friendly) packaging. Seed sticks and planting hampers are also options for clients who would appreciate bringing the outdoors in. And in terms of innovation, the sprout plantable pencils are the ultimate in sustainable stationary. Made from graphite and clay material (non-toxic/lead-free) once used you can then plant it, water it and watch it grow!


Looking for cool promotional merchandise ideas? The team at Inck have stacks of ideas and a great range of local and global suppliers who can deliver you merch FAST. Give us a call today!

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