Button Batteries – Mandatory Safety Standards Take Effect in June ?

It’s been six years since I posted this CHOICE article on the danger of button batteries.

Hearing that 3 children had died and many more had been seriously injured after ingesting a button battery – an item found in so many homes – was heartbreaking. 

On June 22nd, mandatory safety standards for button batteries will finally come into effect! ?

A massive ? to Dr Ruth Barker, ?  CHOICE, ? Kid Safe Queensland, ? The Parenthood, ? Gail Greatorex  (amongst many others) and to the brave parents?  who have lost loved ones or have been severely impacted by injuries caused by button batteries and pushed so very hard for change. 

Whilst I was involved in this issue via my working relationship with APPA, all credit goes to those who have campaigned tirelessly and unrelentingly for positive change since the tragic death of Summer Steed back in 2013. 

Whilst the mandatory standards are a very welcome step forward – bravo to the ACCC for coming to the table – this is not a topic that can be dismissed as ‘solved’. Keep asking safety questions about the products you purchase/choose & please watch out for button batteries in your home that are usually found in everyday products (car keys, kids toys, remote controls). 

Let’s keep our kids safe!

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