Corporate Gifting – The 2021 Guide to Getting it Right.

Since the pandemic, corporate gifting has been on the rise. With staff working remotely and clients only contactable over Zoom, finding a way to reach, support, appreciate and thank the people close to us has become more important than ever.

A recent study conducted by Coresight research and sponsored by GiftNow estimates the corporate gifting market will reach $242 billion this year and will continue to grow gangbusters right into 2024. Whilst the stats prove it’s money well spent (over 80% said gifts improved relationships with employees and/or clients), choosing the ‘right’ present is not always easy.

Let’s explore the do’s and don’t of corporate gifting in 2021 (and beyond).


Do make it personal. The secret to good gift-giving is to make the recipient feel special. This might mean choosing a gift that has been tailored to a particular client’s hobby/lifestyle (golf-related/outdoorsy), or has been personalised specifically for them (with their initials/name engraved/embroidered on) or that simply includes a handwritten note with a well-considered message. Looking for inspo? Check out our browse products page.

Don’t make it promotional. Whilst your gift may certainly elevate your brand in the eye of the receiver, don’t forget that this is a present not a promotional giveaway. Whilst generically branded notepads might work well at a business conference, given as a gift they won’t seem appropriate or very personal. 

Do avoid the obvious. According to the Alyce Corporate Gifting Survey, satisfaction with the gifts received is pretty low (88% of people said they’d choose to swap it). Whilst corporate gifting traditionally has lent towards gift-cards or impersonal corporate-branded merchandise, the trend emerging now is for companies to select more informal, personal gifts. When it comes to staff gifts, offering a selection of items for them to choose from is becoming a popular choice (and would definitely lessen the dissatisfaction factor). 

Don’t put your foot in it! The ethics of giving corporate gifts can be confusing and require care. There might be corporate gifting policies to consider (some banks, auditing firms and the like have strict rules around receipt of gifts) or cultural sensitivities to take into account (for example giving four or nine of anything in Japan is considered unlucky). Take the time to do a little research or if viable (or in doubt) ask or take a strategic guess (larger companies tend to have policies in place whilst smaller businesses and start ups are likely to be more flexible). 

Do consider the packaging. A beautifully wrapped package not only elevates the joy and anticipation factor of a gift (premium packaging improves excitement by 50%), it also reflects the care and quality of the company it’s from (win-win). If you feel sustainable packaging is of value to your clients (and it certainly is to us), be sure to consider this detail when choosing how to wrap it. 

Don’t blow your budget. Small budget? Be strategic. We have worked with lots of clients over the years who wanted creative, custom gifts for colleagues, clients and staff that wouldn’t break the bank. Working with an experienced promotional merchandise supplier is a great way to get a variety of thoughtful product ideas that you might not have considered and ensure that your bottom line isn’t jeopardised in the process.

Looking for creative corporate gifting ideas? Get in touch with our friendly team today – helping our clients find and create the perfect product is our favorite part of the job! 


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