Can a promotional product really be instrumental in changing customer behaviour?

A while back Nestlé came to us with a brief that went a little like this: Please help us create a giveaway that is highly relevant, has an educational benefit and also the ability to influence consumer behaviour. Nestle Portion Plate

One more thing … needs to cost less than $1.

A few months later, the Nestle Portion Plate was born.

The two plate designs (one for adults and one for kids) came in well under budget (despite a complex, compliance-laden route to market) and were so successful they are still a prominent part of Nestlé ‘Choose Wellness’ campaign to this day.

Here at Inck, we are rather chuffed that promotional products have not only been ranked the No 1 most effective form of advertising (across all generations)…they have also proven to be successful at changing the way we eat!

Looking to create the perfect game-changing product for your customers and clients? Get in touch with the team at Inck today! 

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