Four Ways Promotional Products Can Trip You Up

Promotional products have been proven to be the No 1 most effective form of advertising and they are an essential part of any smart, marketing strategy. That said, at Inck, we are surprised that more people don’t ask about promotional product safety. Sure, there is little damage you can do with a branded baseball cap or a company logoed stress ball. But some promotional products do have potential safety issues, and can seriously trip you up if you don’t know what to watch out for.

The Top 4 Potential Product Safety Issues:

1. Button batteries. These batteries, which are found in all manner of promotional products, from calculators to wristbands, if swallowed, can cause serious injuries. Chemical burns, severe bleeding, organ damage. Although there is currently no mandatory standards around button batteries, they are very much on the radar of the ACCC. At Inck, we can’t urge you strongly enough to ensure your supplier is across the latest legislation, especially in terms of labels and packaging.

2. Anything Going in the Hand of a Child Under 36 months old. It’s safe to assume that anything that is in the hand of a baby or toddler, is pretty likely to end up in their mouth. So, products targeted at this age group, which have the potential to be a choke hazard, must strictly comply to mandatory standards. Treat products in this category with kid’s gloves, literally.

3. Food & Mouth. Anything that is going to be eaten, or might come in contact with the consumer’s mouth, is always going to be up on the radar in terms of safety. And a surprising amount of giveaways fall in to this category – from confectionery to drink bottles. So, when it comes to safety, you and your supplier need to be confident about a whole host of things. From the cleanliness of the environment the product is being made in, to being sure the inks used for branding are food safe. At Inck, we work with major brands, such as Nestle and Twinings. So, you can rest assured that, promotionally speaking,  you will be putting your money where your mouth is.

4: Electrical Goods: Not setting anything on fire, is generally a good rule of thumb when it comes to product safety . That said, electrical goods offer a terrific way to engage with your customer, but do come with their own set of safety risks. At Inck, our recommendation is to avoid anything that plugs in to the wall. So, yes, branded phone chargers might seem like a great giveaway, but the associated risks and complicated testing procedures, mean they are best avoided. Other popular electrical products, such as headphones or mini-speakers, can offer a safer alternative.

For a more detailed look at safety and legislation across all promotional and branded merchandise check out the government product safety website.

If you are looking to create premium promotional products for your business, give the team at INCK a call. We will ensure your merchandise not only looks great, but is safe and strictly complies with Australian standards. Without a banana skin in sight!

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