Smoggys – True Blue Branding With a Heart

Whilst Australia continues to be gripped by one of the worst bush fire seasons on record, four Aussie mates have got together to give back.

Fueled by a passion to ‘protect Aussies against their ‘pack-a-day’ smoke haze while also helping the RFS fight against the fires that cause it’, they approached the Inck team to give them a helping hand. After bringing us their idea and designs, our team conducted due diligence on the supplier and managed the order from start to finish.

Talk about a great way to ‘kill two problems with one mask, protecting both our lungs and our land.’

With their brightly coloured designs, showcasing the classic Aussie lifestyle (from BBQs to Bin Chooks) and with 100% of profits going to the Rural Fire Service, this client was a great example of what happens when a strong concept, clever branding and a big heart combine.

You can grab your Smoggy now by heading to their website.

Got a great idea? Need someone to take away all the hard work, hassle and uncertainty? Get in touch with the team at Inck today – we make merchandising EASY.

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