Look at ME – How to Use Branded Merchandise to Get Your Business Noticed

Getting your business noticed isn’t as easy as simply sticking a logo on it and hoping for the best. Every day the amount of advertising that competes for your customers’ attention is huge, making it key that any promotional marketing efforts are both considered and targeted.

Here’s some of our favourite ways to stand out from the crowd:

MAKE THEM LAUGH: Creating a product that is humorous is a great way to grab attention, and is especially useful in competitive and highly saturated industries, or when working with a reduced budget. What faster way to get noticed than making your customer laugh? Humour not only gives your brand a splash of personality, it can also make it more relatable and has even been linked to higher memory recall. From dog frisbees that look like barbell weights (to highlight that IAMS dog food builds stronger dogs), to Burger King’s Whopper-scented perfume (released in Japan for 1 day only, free whopper with every purchase), to our very own Vestive Vest (embracing the festive spirit for V energy drinks), there are plenty of success stories that start with a smile.

Word of Warning: Humour works best when it aligns with a brand’s audience and is suited to the business/product being promoted. Inappropriate, offensive or mistimed humour can backfire, so proceed with caution. See plate-gate for an example of when funny misfires.

SOLVE A PROBLEM: Utility is often cited as the number one reason a promotional product was well received. And the easiest way to give your customers something useful, is to solve a problem for them. Will they be spending the day outdoors on a hot day? A reusable water bottle solves their hydration problem. Will they be at an expo collecting brochures and free samples? A branded tote bag will make their life easier. Does your customer wear glasses? A printed microfibre cloth for cleaning their specs is a budget friendly way to get your business in their line of vision (literally). As with all successful marketing campaigns, the starting point is always your audience. What do they need? What will make their life easier? What kind of product will solve their problem? Choosing the right branded merchandise is as simple as asking the right questions.

Word of Warning: Don’t forget to consider product quality – it’s no good solving their problem, only to have the bottle leak or the straps break. Make sure your business is remembered for the right reasons.

MAKE IT TIMELY: In the same way that solving a problem increases a promotional product’s worth, so too does something that comes at just the right time. This may mean considering the seasonal value of your particular offering – which might mean fleeces/hand warmers in winter or caps/BBQ accessories in summer. If you are targeting students, what might they find useful for ‘back to school’ season? Is there a product that might make your executives’ end-of-financial year more organised or efficient? Will something that smells or tastes of the festive season make them warm to your business at that time of year? From annual sporting events to quirky calendar entries (National Tequila Day anyone?), there are lots of opportunities for well timed promotions.

Word of Warning: Holiday periods tend to be a competitive time, with lots of marketing and promotional dollars competing for your attention. Getting in ahead of time or finding a way to differentiate your product from the rest (use humour, solve a problem….) will make sure you maximise your marketing spend and stand out from the crowd.

To see how Inck can help get YOUR business, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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