Sustainable Promotional Products – 3 Steps

Here’s three steps to make sure your next activation is done with sustainable promotional products.

1. Aim for Quality over Disposability – The purpose of promotional products is to increase awareness of your business and elevate the perception of your brand. With this in mind, it makes sense to really lean in to the products that offer both quality and utility. Cheap, disposable rubbish is a lousy option for both the environment and your reputation. Nobody wants to see their business end up in the bin (for more tips on making sure your giveaway doesn’t end up being a throwaway read THIS POST we prepared earlier). Understanding your audience and tapping in to what products they will find most useful is also a smart way to increase the staying power and consequent sustainability of your offering.

2. Less is More – Although branded merchandise by its very nature is usually about putting your company’s stamp on something, Meredith Thomas, assistant professor of marketing at Florida State University, suggests smaller logos might create a more appealing aesthetic. By shouting a little less loudly, your branded cap, t-shirt or hoodie might end up getting worn/seen by more people.  “It’s this simplicity movement of wanting less stuff, less text, less everything in favour of simple, clean design.” To increase the utility of your product you might also want to think beyond just your company’s logo. You might want to consider branding your merchandise with the company’s tagline, core values or event-specific messaging instead. Again, it comes down to increasing the value proposition of your offering, which in turn ensures it is more coveted and less likely to end up in landfill.

3. Make it Brand Appropriate – Just because the product you are offering is eco-friendly, it doesn’t mean it automatically aligns with your company’s brand. This comes down to authenticity – understanding both your company’s core values and your audience’s needs and finding a product that hopefully fits both. There is no point offering bamboo straws or promotional seed sticks if they have nothing to do with your business or the event your promotion is part of. However, if you are offering a product that is appropriate for your brand, such as a coffee company offering a reusable cup, then we encourage you to source one that makes environmental sense (glass/bamboo/rice husk or similar).

If you would like to discuss ways we can help your business offer more responsibly sourced merchandise and help lead the way with sustainable promotional products, get in touch with the team at INCK today.

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