Virtual Event Merchandise

Can an event be just as powerful if your attendees are still in their PJs?

The biggest challenge our clients have been having with the rise of ‘Virtual Events’ is working out how to get an emotional buy-in from their remote attendees.

In the absence of a ‘real’ venue and ‘real’ people, one way to engage with your audience is by giving them something they CAN touch and feel. Promotional products not only help create a more memorable experience but also offer your attendees a tangible reminder that they are part of something bigger.

Whether your aim is to create attendee anticipation (with promotional gift bags), keep your guests engaged during the event (contest gift prizes) or you want to ensure overall brand ownership (post-event appreciation gift for speakers/VIPs), in a digital world PHYSICAL merchandise is still the way to go.

Are we biased? Well, maybe just a little bit 😉

What do YOU think?

virtual event merchandise

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