Are these Promo Products Hot ?or Not ? ?….. You Decide.

A product that might be promotional gold for one customer, could leave another with reputational egg on its face. This month we check out a selection of promo products and ask the crucial question: HOT ? or NOT ? ?…..

1. The Phone Fan

phone fan

You have to agree – the concept is pretty cute. A small, lightweight piece of merch that promises to cool your customers down on a hot summer’s day ?

Sure, it’s not a Dyson that is going to cool every last modicum of sweat from your system…but it aint gonna cost you an arm and a leg either. Picture this – you are at the tennis or watching a rugby game – it’s 90% humidity and you are feeling anything but cool. Then you remember you have this little gem in your merch pack – sweet relief!

What’s not to love about a product that has your potential customer staring at your logo all day long?…..

Whilst the feedback from our clients on these fans has been consistently positive, we can’t deny that they likely sit at the more disposable end of the giveaway spectrum.

Would a promotional phone fan blow your customers away? Or be more likely simply to be thrown away?

? or ? – What do you think?

2. Aldi Token Keyring

The most genius products are often the simplest.

Take the humble Aldi token keyring for example – if you are an Aldi shopper, this little guy is pretty useful.
No more scrabbling around in your pockets or handbag looking for a gold coin (who carries cash these days anyway?) He’s easy to find – he’s always with your car/house keys, so you likely see him everyday.

Some would say that’s product placement at its smartest (and most useful).

On the other hand, it’s only genius if you are already an Aldi shopper – would something that could potentially lure your competitors’ customers make more sense?

And, what about the potential risk factor? Supermarket shopping is often something parents do with their children and, when it comes to promo products and proximity to children, product safety is paramount. Last year a baby girl ended up in hospital after swallowing one of these tokens. Thankfully, the baby girl in question didn’t suffer any serious damage, but it does serve as a reminder that there’s often much more to promo products than just the look, feel and concept.

In related news, Aldi announced recently it would be rolling out shopping baskets (a first for them) in stores shortly … token required!

? or ? – What do YOU think?

3. Promotional Paperweight

promotional paper weight

Is it worth its weight?

While the concept of a promotional paperweight might be great – solid, easily branded, something that sits on their desk all day – is it still relevant in 2022?
With many offices taking a more environmentally friendly approach, the aim of going paperless might make this promo item seem a little dated. That said, if you get creative with the look and design, they can be less about necessity and more about creating a lasting piece of office decor.

They are a popular choice when looking to commemorate staff/customer loyalty. And, if you are looking for a commemorative souvenir or piece of sports memorabilia, then an engraved paperweight can have real staying power.

? or ? – What do YOU think?

4. Beer Flavoured Lollipop

beer lollipop

Coors Light Beer recently released a promotional lollipop that tastes like…. beer.

Timed to coincide with ‘March Madness’ – the NCAA basketball tournament (college basketball season) – the idea is these hop flavored pops would help soothe nervous spectators on the sidelines.

Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for Coors explained that, “During all the incredible highs and lows of March basketball, Coors Light is the brand to bring a moment of chill.”

A professor at Manhattan college (in a statement for Coors) praised the idea, saying “I believe that something as simple as a lollipop could have a calming influence in an emotionally charged situation”.

Despite tasting like beer, having a “frothy foam top, similar to the experience of drinking a Coors Light from a pint” and being sold in a six pack formation, the said lollipops don’t contain actual beer.

Even so – Is a product that is associated with young children and that would potentially appeal to them – a brand mismatch?…..Even if it is ‘Light’?

? or ? – What do YOU think?

Here at Inck, we run all our ideas for promotional merchandise through a stringent ‘hot or not?’ process. That way, you can get top quality merchandise that will never leave your customers in doubt!

Looking to brief a new project? Get in touch with our expert team today ?

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