Promotional Umbrellas – 3 Brilliant brolly innovations that we wish we’d thought of.

Whilst umbrellas have been around for roughly 4000 years, in our lifetime at least, the basic model and premise (u-shaped and protective) hasn’t changed that much. promotional umbrellas

Until recently (and when I say recently, in the last decade or so)……

Here’s 3 brilliant inventions that might just change the way you think of the humble brolly.

Promotional Umbrellas

The Inverted (reverse-folding) Umbrella: Sometimes a product comes along and suddenly you realise you’ve been doing this ‘staying dry’ business all wrong. What’s the point of surviving a big downpour, if you are going to then climb in the car and still get soaked? This is where the inverted umbrella comes into its own – sure, it may look like a regular umbrella, but its unique mechanism allows it to be opened and closed in REVERSE. So, it stops you getting wet, keeps the leftover drips to itself and avoids damage from the strong winds that usually accompany a soaking. 

Promotional Umbrellas

The Rainshader Umbrella: The majority of brollys can be quite the unintended lethal weapon. One minute they are blowing inside out (making you look like a bit of a soggy loser), the next they are accidentally poking the eye out of some random passer-by behind you. Not so if you are the owner of the uniquely shaped Rainshader Umbrella – with a versatile dome design that is cut away at the front (so you can see better), this little beauty will protect you from sun, rain and gale force winds without causing anyone an injury or blocking their view (perfect for busy sporting events). 

Promotional Umbrellas

The Oombrella: How cool is this. An umbrella that not only warns you that rain is on its way, but that also reminds you when you leave it behind. The Oombrella, designed by French company Wezzoo, connects to an app on your smartphone and acts as a portable weather station. It collects real-time data on temperature, pressure, humidity and light, which is then shared with all the umbrella community making for more reliable, ‘hyper local’ alerts. Keen to never miss out, it also reminds you to take it if wet weather is predicted in your area and sends you an alert if you leave it behind in a cafe or at work. The Oombrella was due to arrive on our shores early this year (retailing at $116) but the trail seems to have gone cold. Proving, sadly, that even the smartest, most innovative ideas often don’t survive in the marketplace. 

Here at Inck, we are a huge fan of innovation and love nothing more than exploring all the exciting new products that come to market. So, whether you are looking for promotional umbrellas or branded apparel, creative merch packs or memorable giveaways, we can be relied on to help you find the PERFECT promotional product. 

Rain or shine.

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promotional umbrellas

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