Spoilt for Choice? Why TOO Many Promotional Products might be your problem

Did you know? The more options people have, the more likely they are to be disappointed in their choice.

Which might explain why dating apps aren’t the magical one-stop solution they promise to be ?

The adverse effects of too much choice are down to a behavioural science principle known as Choice Overload. Whilst we all love a good array of options, too much choice can be overwhelming.

There was a famous study a few years back about consumer behaviour and jams. On one day in the local food market, customers were offered 24 different kinds of jams on a display table. Then on another day, at the same market, customers were only given 6 different types of jam to choose from. Can you guess which display table generated the most sales? Exactly.

It’s the same thing with promo products.

Google them and you’ll be bombarded with an avalanche of choices. There are literally thousands of multicoloured pages of pens, notebooks, caps, water bottles and wireless speakers to choose from. And, they all look the EXACT same.

At Inck, we do things a little differently. Our team navigate the endless supply of options and present you with a curated selection of products perfect for your next activation.

We then proceed to take care of every step along the way, so you can rest assured your project will be as seamless as it is effective.

You won’t be spoilt for choice….but, you will feel spoilt! ?

Looking for promo products in 2022? Leave the overload to us 😉

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