What was in the 2022 Oscars Gift Bag*? $140,00 worth of Merch!

Whilst this year’s Oscars are likely to be remembered as ‘the one where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock’, our favorite part is getting the tea on what promotional merchandise the celeb invitees got to take home with them. 

And, whilst the Forbes estimate of total bag value – $140,000 (!) – was less than 2021’s estimate of $205,000 (!!) – there were plenty of goodies to keep even the most jaded guest impressed. 

From edible goodies (Ariti extra virgin olive oil infused with edible gold flakes, chocolate dipped and gold-flexed Posh Pretzels) to products promoting self-care (Elixinol sleep gummies, Tangle Teaser Hairbrush). From a luxurious 4 night stay for two people at The Golden Door, to in-home training sessions with “fitness legend” Diego Sebastian, it was definitely a huge step up from your standard merch pack.

At the more extreme (and ridiculous) end of the spectrum was access to a Celebrity Arms Sculpting plastic surgery procedure by Art Lipo, a spiritual connection coaching session from Self Love with Nicola, a plot of land in Scotland (making the owners Lords and Ladies of Glencoe) from Highland Titles and a 3-night stay at Turn Castle worth a whopping $50,000 alone. Och!

The good news is you don’t need to spend $140,000 on your client’s, customers or staff merch packs to make an impression

Distinctive Assets founder, Lash Fary, responsible for this year’s swag explained that, “While this gift bag does, as always, have an impressive value, that is neither the focus nor goal. A great gift has nothing to do with price tag”. 

Here at Inck, we tend to agree.

Whilst we (obviously) don’t advise scrimping on poor quality products and firmly believe life is way too short for boring branded merchandise, it’s more about the time and care than the cost and pomp. 

Which is why finding & creating the perfect promotional product for our client’s is what excites us – we’ve even picked up an award (or 3) of our own in the process ? ! 

Looking for creative merch pack ideas for your staff & customers? Give the friendly team at Inck a call today!

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*Whilst this bag is not associated with the official Oscars goodie bag, it is the 20th year that marketing firm Distinctive assets has independently presented the top nominees with fancy swag.

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