Useful Fact No. 239 – Not all large scale activations need to happen offshore.

Case in point, when Farmer’s Union decided to commemorate their iconic beverage with a range of stylish, no-nonsense merch they did it all right here in Australia.

Inck was delighted to be partnered with a local agency to help them design and deliver a limited-edition range of merch (including t-shirts, caps, jumpers and socks) that was also sourced and decorated locally. It ended up being our largest local order to date and was happily pounced on by their huge fan base.

Whilst traditionally larger sized activations would see our team work with our offshore suppliers (who are typically more competitively priced when dealing with bigger orders), this doesn’t always suit our client’s brief, especially if they have a tighter deadline in mind

The good news? Sourcing quality merchandise locally, even in larger quantities, doesn’t have to blow out your budget. The turnaround times are much faster and in the current climate of shipping delays and uncertainty, offer you a viable and dependable plan b.

With the added feel-good factor of supporting businesses in our Aussie backyard.

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