Weird Promotional Products that (probably) shouldn’t exist

When it comes to choosing promotional products and branded merchandise to promote your business, it makes sense to search out stuff that presents it in a positive light.

That said, we frequently get sent promotional product ideas that make us giggle (not in a good way). So, for your viewing amusement, we thought we would share the weirdest and most useless promotional products we’ve seen lately. 

Promotional Toilet Paper

weird promotional products

This one has been around for a while and we are stumped as to why it’s targeted as something you might willingly choose to have branded with your business name/logo. If you are a sole trader a company called toilet face (yup) will happily pop your face on a roll. What kind of misguided message are you trying to deliver to your target audience if you are encouraging them to literally wipe their arse with your brand? 

Promotional Paperweights

weird promotional products

Looking for a way to get your brand to seem out of touch and behind the times? Nope, I didn’t think so. While the concept of a paperweight might be great (solid, easily branded, something that sits on their desk all day), in reality, it’s not really a smart option in 2022. With most offices going (or aiming to go) paperless in the name of environmental benefit, what role does a paperweight play…when there is no paper left to play with!

Hand Sanitiser Spray Ball Pen

weird promotional products

Whilst hand sanitiser has become an office mainstay in the past few years, a lot of the ‘Sanitation Innovation’ products coming out of the woodwork is really a bit silly. The humble pen, which has long been a promotional merchandise mainstay, can now be purchased with a (meagre) addition of sanitiser to spray on demand. Available in nine colours – all equally ridiculous – and unlikely to make your business look anything but gimmicky.

Products that have an unintentional ‘Whoops!’ factor

weird promotional products

In the late 90’s, the Bureau for At-Risk Youth, released an anti-drug propaganda pencil with the slogan “Too Cool To Do Drugs”. Unfortunately, with use and the requisite sharpening, it soon said “Cool to Do Drugs”, ‘Do Drugs” and then simply “Drugs”. Whoops with a capital ‘W’!

Thankfully, for every weird, silly or downright ludicrous branded merchandise solution, there are many more that are fabulously effective. Finding and creating the PERFECT promotional product for our customers is what the team at Inck do best.

Looking for branded merchandise your customers will love? Let us help you find custom solutions that will make your brand (even more) brilliant!

Contact our friendly team today.

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